Do you want to have impact on people's lives and have full control over yours?

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Do you also hate bad User Experience and want to help E-commerce sites that are leaking money? 

Well…. Welcome on board!

The Dexter team is hurtling through the digital space at full speed and is on a mission to fight bad UX.

We help e-commerce owners make more money by finding out where their websites are leaking money and helping them to plug the holes.

We need you at the controls to be able to keep up with the demand and make the jump to hyperspace. The web sucks and we need you, stat, to help on our mission!

Do you wanna take place at our command bridge?

This could be your chair: (Star Trek yey!!)

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This is Dexter Agency

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We wanna help create a great life for our team, for our clients and for the world.

The way we do it is through creating a better internet experience for everyone through Conversion Optimization and Google Ads optimization. Everybody on the team does what they actually love doing the most and keeps evolving and mastering their skills.

  • We help e-commerce owners increase their revenue through conversion optimization, A/B testing and Google Ads Optimization

  • Fully remote team - HQ in Malta

  • Our coworkers are at the moment based in the U.S, Malta, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam

  • The past 6 months we've made over $15 Million for our clients

  • We believe in giving back. One of the projects we are involved in is teaching University Students from the Cambodian Children’s Fund how to get a well-paid job online.

Fully remote team

At Dexter we believe that people should be able to design their own life. Our team is able to work from wherever they want. As remote workers we work from co-working spaces, beaches (just remember to wear clothes during video calls), the mountains or from home.

Our goal is to be world-class at what we do. We believe in focusing on a few things and doing them well. That is why we only do Conversion Optimization and Google AdWords Optimization.

This is your deck of cards

  • You’ll get cash to set up your office the way you want it
  • Swedish style holiday - 25 days of paid vacation per year
  • Work from wherever you want - Or at our offices in Malta, Stockholm or Bangkok
  • Bonuses
  • Work on what you love
  • Competitive salary
  • Gym membership
  • Health insurance
  • Paid travels to conferences around the world
  • $500 yearly to spend on anything that helps you evolve (other than conferences and internal training)
  • Yearly get-togethers
  • Wild card 1 (A nice surprise!)
  • Wild card 2 (A nice surprise!)
  • A supportive team and leadership that helps you evolve
  • Get educated by the top Conversion Optimization and Internet Marketing experts in the world